The owner of Diamond Drapery and Decor, Aman, has had an eye for fine interior design her whole life. Traveling around the world and forming bonds and connections with many different rare and exotic stylists broadening her range of designs, colors, and patterns. These handpicked materials, along with her skillset for high-end interior design, she decided to open the fine interior design consultant Diamond Drapery and Decor. Outside of DDD Aman is a mother, as well as a celebrated and successful businesswoman.

Behind Aman’s designs are the people who make them a reality. All cornices are designed by Aman and handmade here in the United States by the finest wood crafters and most talented artisans that work with our team. We also have a team of great carpenters and engineers working with us that ensure we get your drapery installed as quickly and perfectly as possible.

Aman is a fine interior design consultant as well as a master interior designer. She is a master in color matching and color variations, creating seamless looks that will not only match but elevate your entire interiors look. She caters all her designs to not only match your business or home but to create the proper statement and convey the right amount of elegance and personality in each piece. Aman has had over 20 years of experience in business and has made a multitude of connections with many amazing suppliers and fabric/material designers and creators across the globe.

About Diamond Drapery and Decor

Diamond Drapery and Decor provides commercial and residential customers with the best in high-end custom cornices and fine imported drapery and accessories. We have been the premier drapery company for the Northern Virginia, Maryland, and D.C. area. From residential to commercial buildings and businesses, the choice is clearer than a diamond. Diamond Drapery and Decor is right here to make our customer’s every interior design project seamless and exceptional with our expertise in specialized design and fabrication.


    Our mission is to provide elegant custom curtains, drapes, cornices, and decor products and installations for commercial and residential projects.