How to Match the Right Curtains to Your Room


Curtains certainly give color to your room!

While the art of choosing the appropriate curtains can be satisfying to the soul, it can be tiresome too. Not every curtain fits on a window or rod, and not every fabric matches the room’s color or vibe.

Thankfully, as a drapery designer in Sterling, Virginia, we at Diamond Drapery and Decor will give you tips on how to match appropriate curtains for your room!

  • Curtain Color
    The concept of color contrast certainly applies to curtains too. When picking the correct curtain, make sure that it matches the wall’s color. If you don’t have a curtain that matches your wall’s color, try using a curtain with a color that will be versatile to work on different wall colors. If you are too tired to mix and match available curtains, you may want to have a custom curtain design.

    In addition, we also provide interior design services. Remember, walls can also be a factor in matching curtains. You may want to consult with us regarding the interior design of your rooms.
  • Windows
    As much as windows are often covered, they can still produce a sophisticated effect on curtains. The design of the window and how much light it passes through will still be crucial to match curtains. Custom window treatment can be a perfect way to redesign your windows to produce a more aesthetic effect.

If you need assistance or advice about treating your windows, you may seek our window treatments in Virginia.

Matching curtains is indeed an art. Unlike any other form of art, it shouldn’t be hard! Seek our services today and indulge in the beauty that curtains feed you.

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