Should I Be Using Neutral Colors to Paint My Walls?

The “no makeup” look became a trend because it begets a natural finish, and anyone who’s into cosmetics would love to have this look because it’s like you have no makeup at all, yet your face appears glowing. A fun fact, though: this kind of trick works in your living spaces as well.

If you’re planning to paint your newly polished walls and you’re not sure which colors would work to accommodate your style and preferences, Diamond Drapery and Decor, your drapery designer in Sterling, Virginia, recommends the use of neutral colors. Here’s why:

  • Easy in the eyes.
    These colors appear “without colors” but are ironically elegantly looking and soothing in the eyes. As providers of interior design services, we can assure you that neutral colors promote a relaxing ambiance because no singular color disrupts the background.
  • Fits any color palette.
    Neutral colors like white, gray, and beige are the ideal background or foundation because they allow you to add layers from muted to darker or brighter tones to create depth in your homes.
  • Accessories and furniture-friendly.
    Neutral-colored walls will compliment whichever decor and furniture you wish to incorporate into your living spaces. This way, looking for the furniture of your taste and other home accessories like blinds and drapery wouldn’t be a hassle.
  • Cost-effective decor alterations.
    If you decide to upgrade your homes with custom interior design, you won’t need to scrap your existing wall paint only to start over, which lets you save money.
We understand that designing your homes could pose challenges. So, in instances like this, we’re the ones to call! We also offer window treatments in Virginia. Contact us to get started!
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